The 2-Minute Rule for scientology beliefs jesus

I see Brian is pushing the “OT8 Lucifer Jesus pedophile” factor for all he’s value which has been reviewed in this article ad infinitum and advert nauseum as a completely faked and made up, maybe even tongue-in-cheek, piece of nonsense.

Investigating whatever you need, at any time you wish, with whom ever you need about something. That's flexibility. When an individual tells you You can't take a look at anything, simply cannot analysis one thing, simply cannot think about some thing and they get in touch with it the ROAD TO Independence?????? I am sorry Penny. That is the tyranny of thought masquerading since the “street out”

No other religion forces CHILDREN into their harshest orders, or threatens customers of these orders with mega-greenback invoices for expert services supposedly rendered even though within the buy, and disconnection from their possess households if they choose to leave.

The Church of Scientology has very long been a controversial institution between both of those the religious community and enjoyment company. But the latest documentary from Oscar-profitable director Alex Gibney, "Heading Clear: Scientology along with the Jail of Belief," explores the secrets with the Firm by means of interviews with previous higher-ranking officials and previous members in a way hardly ever seen just before.

The sole ‘cognition’ I required in Scientology was realizing that The entire subject matter was nothing over a mental construct of L.

Scientologist Believe U can Manage your life & almost everything around it purchase giving praise into the Damn universe. i just got another thing to state about that. Lets see U fellas quit this New World order, plagues, earthquakes, tornadoes & stop Jesus from returning to this earth.

" According to the movie, when sent to the RPF, individuals would have to do tough labor for "30 hrs on, three several hours off," consume table scraps and sleep on soiled, damp mattresses.

I have been a Scientologist for over thirty decades and I am African American. Scientology has long been scientology beliefs child rearing of terrific enable to me. L. Ron Hubbard was a brilliant philosopher who identified a functional way that will help individuals rise above the issues of the physical world and their own mental and spiritual barriers. The individuals talked about on this page ought to Provide you some sign of how Scientology can help. One particular of many L. Ron Hubbard’s enduring legacies was The truth that he aided hundreds of hundreds from all walks of life, to obtain off and remain off drugs. He was also quite vocal in his criticism about the hazardous effects of psychiatric “treatments”, like their drugs, on someone,physically, mentally and spiritually.

Don’t suggest for being impolite but when was the last time you noticed or visited your family/friends who're not into Scientology? And if any individual of your respective fellow good friends within this religion was to depart, would you continue to make reference to them as scientology beliefs cult pals or maybe chat with them after? Jus asking….

In keeping with Church doctrines, the religion sights homosexuality being a condition. Haggis then wrote a now-famous letter of his resignation from your Church.

Hubbard created Ethics, or punishments for his auditors who made issues during sessions. They had been then pushed overboard on his ships into your drinking water, which was "30 toes, 35 ft" under, As outlined by Hana Whitfield, on the list of original Sea Org customers.

It claims a thing that Scientology can’t acknowledge that they really are a separate religion, relying on deceit alternatively. Nonetheless, compared to the wickedness of Devious Miscarriage, it really is modest potatoes.

Blankness is not the intention. Inside a deep condition of stillness. When the consistent occillations of imagined are stilled.

Scientology permits me to have certainty about what I'm sure. Personally and skillfully, there’s no more guessing about the best way to be. I calmly scientology beliefs apocalypse place and click on. I understand that I have strike the mark. Now I am cost-free for The most crucial point about me: creativity. What I want is really a make any difference of alternative – my

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